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"Oh ho~ Well I’m always free when you want to go out, Sousuke-kun!"

"Geh. T-That’s great Taicho."

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Send me a ‘♡’ if your character would date mine.

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Send me ” ✿ ” if you think my muse or mun is cute


specify which!

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Every (¬‿¬) I get my muse will remove a piece of clothing.

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childishillusions sent: *tackles and snuggles*

"Hey Sosuke! Long time no see!"

*snuggles back*

((I don’t know when this was sent I am so sorry!!! my ask box was being a jerk apparenly))

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Send me three names for fuck, marry and kill.

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Send me a “✔” if you’d like to Role-play with me. Can’t really go wrong. Do it.




Even if I am a motherfucking slow replier


even if im super swamped
do it
there’s nothing to lose yo

I would very much like that…

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